Anatomy of a Painting: Luminous Lands III


Primarily photos Only for now. More detailed descriptions to follow. But basically this painting illustrates a few points: the use of an expanded dynamic symmetry armature, cropping of a photo to help compose a painting that would follow the armature, drawing of the armature on the panel and adjustments made throughout the process. In the case of this painting, I originally tried to do it on oil paper, but decided it didn't work for me. So I used the resulting intermediate painting as the source for a painting executed on linen on panel.

Photo of the cliffs in Los Alamos New Mexico:

I cropped the photo so that the darker cliff against the lighter one would be set as my focus. I then used Wise Photo App to make sure it aligned as I expected:

I used an expanded dynamic symmetry armature, with self-similar rectangles and rebatement to create many diagonals.

First on Oil Paper:

The texture of the oil paper wasn't working for me. So I started over on my standard linen on panel (acrylic primed since I am using water-based oils).

I scraped off some of the bright pink cliff in the background and added some yellow and darks to give it texture. and otherwise added lights and details in the foreground trees and hill.

I decided that the right-hand cliffs weren't to scale and made them larger here:

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