Mathematics at the Vladem

  I was fortunate to be able to attend pre-opening galas for the new Vladem Contemporary Museum show on Shadow and Light here in Santa Fe.  I am not including images of the show's works here. You may see samples of the artists' works here from other references. “Shadow and Light explores in part how those new techniques allowed artists to interpret their emotional, psychological, or spiritual experiences of the Southwest,” Mark White, NMMOA executive director, said last summer.   I had a slightly different take on the exhibit; I noticed that "mathematics" was mentioned in the descriptions of the artwork a number of times ('geometry' occurs frequently also). This intrigued me (as a Mathematician, but also as an Artist).  Since light is in fact very mathematical perhaps it makes sense that we would find that the work in this exhibit referenced mathematics. I was just surprised - pleasantly surprised. And I decided to do a little research into a few of the exhibi

Anatomy of a Painting: Turbulent Waters

  View on Flipping Book Santa Fe River during the Rains 8 am Initial wash in.  Note the armature marks on the panel (10x20) Detail 9 am Turbulent Waters, 10x16, oil (10 am) at the Santa Fe River

Preparation - 1-Day Workshop on Dynamic Symmetry

Under Construction 9/13/23: Adding references to various artists using Dynamic Symmetry 9/4/23: I can now spend time refining this post.  Upon re-reading it, I find that it's too detailed in some parts. 7/25/23: added Building Blocks' to the introduction. 6/6/23: Removed a few of the examples of 'master' paintings with armature, trying to keep the number limited, selecting ones that would be more informative.  1-Day Workshop at the Blue Bird Atelier Studios in Santa Fe: Dynamic Symmetry Armature 4:3 Dynamic Symmetry Armature   Workshop Description 1-day Workshop on Dynamic Symmetry by Karen Halbert website: blog:  Radical Impressionist: A Mathematician Paints Tentative: a Saturday in November 2023 What is the Dynamic Symmetry Armature? Why has it taken the internet by the storm? Is this something new? Or as old as the ancient Greek period? How is it constructed? Did artists such as Da Vinci utilize this armatu